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Type of Service Geek Squad Me Savings
Home Network Setup $90.00 $50.00 0.00
PC Hookup and Transfer $220.00 $60.00 0.00
iPod Repair – Internal Parts N/A $40.00 0.00
iPod Repair – Software N/A $15.00 0.00
Training $150.00 $20.00 0.00
Data Backup $200.00 $50.00 0.00
Technology Consultation $100.00 $15.00 0.00
Virus Removal $200.00 $60.00 0.00
General PC/Laptop Repairs Varies Varies N/A

Other Services Can Be Available Upon Request (Not limited to this list)
**Prices do not include parts that may be necessary

Prices Are Subject to Change without Notice

Home Network Setup

Looking to purchase a wireless access point but have no idea where to start? Maybe you’re just trying to connect to the internet in general. Well look no further, I can assist you in finding the perfect wireless internet/wired internet solution for your needs. I’ll help you set it up, as well as show you everything you need to know about using your new network.

PC Hookup and Transfer

A lot of people may know exactly what they want when they purchase a computer, but may not know how to install it once it’s purchased. I will help you not only take out any old systems you may have, but transfer data from your old system to your new one. All your old stuff all in one new efficient place!

iPod Repair – Internal Parts

From personal experience, I’ve found that iPods don’t always hold up to daily life. I’ve also found that when an iPod breaks, most people assume that it is useless and move on to a new one. Well contrary to popular belief, every single part in your iPod/iPhone is replaceable (and at a cheap price!). Cracked screens both inside and out, crashed hard drives and more. If you’re looking to try and give your iPod a second chance, look no further than here!

iPod Repair – Software

If your iPod is running slow or you just want a fresh start it can be done! I will have the iPod restored to the factory defaults, just like it has come out of the box. Any other software related issues are also included.


Are you looking for education on how to use your technology? I’m here to help you learn everything from your computer to your phone. Whether it be a quick lesson, or an in depth look at everything you want to know you can get it here.

Data Backup

Make a backup of all of your music, videos, photos and important documents. Nothing is worse than losing everything you had saved on your computer. I will have it backed up to an external source of your choice. Don’t risk losing everything, because accidents do happen.

Technology Consultation

If you’re looking to upgrade your current technology or maybe even start something new, I can do that too! I’ll help you find everything necessary to fit your technology needs, because nothing is worse than not knowing what you are looking for!

Virus Removal

Viruses vary. From Scare ware, Malware, Trojan horses, worms the list goes on and on. Bring it to me, and I’ll be sure any traces of malicious activity are removed from your computer for good!

General PC/Laptop Repairs

Not everything can be categorized, so this is a good way to layout the remainder of computer related problems. Broken laptop screens, internal computer problems, or just problems that make no sense. We will come up with a fair price that fits your budget.

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